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  • n. The broadest muscle which lies upon the back; one of the muscles of the anterior extremity, arising from the spines of numerous vertebræ, and some other parts, and inserted into the upper part of the humerus: commonly called more fully latissimus dorsi. See cut under muscle.


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  • From its wide expanse on the back it is known as the latissimus dorsi

    A Practical Physiology

  • Works upper back muscles trapezius, latissimus dorsi

    The Life You Want

  • He pressed his fingertips into the latissimus dorsi.

    The Curse of the Wendigo

  • Take a bow and stretch your latissimus dors Position yourself in front of an open door frame, grasp the door knob with both hands and slowly bend over, leaning your weight back towards your heels.

    Terry Gardner: No Gym - No Excuse: Part 1

  • However, if the latissimus dorsi muscle in your middle and lower back becomes tight, your shoulder and spine motion can be limited and therefore dysfunctional.


  • Your latissimus dorsi muscle is the big muscle that runs from your shoulders to your lower back.


  • The two most common tissue flap procedures are the TRAM flap transverse rectus abdominis myocutaneous flap, which uses tissue from the lower tummy area; and the latissimus dorsi flap, which uses tissue from the upper back.

    The 10 Best Questions

  • He needs to work on his rhomboids and trapezoid and probably the latissimus dorsi and Now.

    Things I saw on my spring vacation «

  • The manual had given me an almost magical ability to see right inside her: to see her four-chambered heart, as large as a melon, beating deep in her chest; to count each of her upright vertebrae marching like soldiers along her back; to follow her long latissimus dorsi muscles, “essential for galloping and leaping,” behind her shoulders.


  • In her situation it will probably be from her back along the shoulder blade and the latissimus muscle or the muscle on the side of her back.

    CNN Transcript Feb 17, 2005


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