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  • adj. comparative form of lax: more lax
  • n. lacrosse player


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  • The owners want to significantly reduce overall spending, and the players union is willing to concede a smaller reduction if accompanied by other concessions, notably including instruments such as laxer trade rules that could be used to widen N.B.A.

    NYT > Home Page

  • In a forthcoming article in the Yale Journal on Regulation, Levitin argues that regulatory arbitrage is inevitable in current financial regulatory system that features multiple regulators for essentially equivalent institutions: financial institutions will seek out the most permissive regulator, and regulators have incentives to engage in laxer regulation to attract regulatees.

    Archive 2009-06-01

  • With the Glass-Steagall Act, separating investment banking and deposit-taking, still in force in the US, Britain's laxer regime brought an influx of US firms, with their chinos, booze-free lunch-breaks and bumper bonuses, helping to bust open the old City cliques.

    Big Bang's shockwaves left us with today's big bust

  • But it is also vulnerable to charges of encouraging oil exploitation in developing countries where standards are much laxer than at home.

    Macha Levinson: Let's Bring Oil Back Into the Energy Debate

  • The laxer developer requirements followed a spat between Apple and Adobe Systems Inc. over whether developers can use Adobe's Flash development tools for creating their applications.

    EU Ends Apple Antitrust Probe

  • In the US there is a lively debate about the extent to which laxer abortion laws helped reverse rising crime by culling reproduction rates among the "criminal underclass".

    Police reform holds big risks for coalition

  • First, you confuse stricter and laxer regulations with more or less gummint.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Now that the Government has Proved as Incompetent

  • That would have been a good time for major bank regulators like Alan Greenspan to say “given the unsustainable trend, we should force banks to apply lending standards that are higher than usual, rather than laxer than usual.”

    Matthew Yglesias » Why a Housing Bubble?

  • TJ was also a lot safer than the surrounding schools, with less disciplinary issues and far laxer security.

    Matthew Yglesias » School Competition

  • This raised an obvious question about the FISA Amendments Act, which (we were assured) preserved the warrant requirement for strictly domestic communications, with a laxer standard only for intercepts where at least one side was abroad.

    The Year’s Least Surprising Headline


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