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  • adj. unlawful; illegal.
  • n. The commission of a criminal act, the violation or breaking of a law.


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law +‎ breaking


  • Tolerated lawbreaking is almost always a response to a political failure – the inability of our political institutions to adapt to social change or reach a rational compromise that reflects the interests of the nation and all concerned parties.

    Which Laws Don’t We Enforce And Why? | Impact Lab

  • Granting immunity sets a dangerous precedent, sending the message that lawbreaking is acceptable and that the rights of Americans can be freely infringed by private companies in defiance of the law.

    Boing Boing

  • One cry of “but he’s a Maverick!” and the opposition to his lawbreaking is dropped.

    Democrats Protest McCain Finance Opinion - The Caucus Blog -

  • If that's what they keep demanding with their lawbreaking, that is what they will eventually get. Stories

  • If your ability to monetize your living is undermined by rampant lawbreaking, that is somewhat unfortunate, but you just have to deal with it.


  • But even more damaging is the way that attitude -- that any kind of lawbreaking or even potential lawbreaking requires the harshest possible response, with no regard to more than 200 years of momentum toward basic civil liberties and human rights -- is filtering down to other aspects of American life.

    Will Bunch: The Taserification of America

  • Thus, when OLC retracted its earlier approval, the "subsequent behavior" of the President in authorizing continuing taps amounted to "lawbreaking".


  • To me, that is exactly the kind of lawbreaking and abuse of power that an IC ought to be thoroughly examining.


  • "lawbreaking" and illegality, Krikorian suggests instead that a new framing is needed … a framing he views as a more welcoming and in line with public opinion.

    Migra Matters

  • Candidate Obama delivered carefully calibrated rhetorical toss away lines about ending the Iraq war, single payer health care, nailing Bush lawbreaking officials, cracking down on the Wall Street greed merchants, and jump-starting a new war on poverty.

    Obama Can't Shake It Up Baby, Doug


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