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  • n. Refusal or failure to conform to accepted standards, conventions, rules, or laws.
  • n. An instance of this: a measure aimed at reducing nonconformities to the housing code.
  • n. Refusal to accept or conform to the doctrines, usage, or polity of the Church of England.

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  • n. rejection of or the failure to conform, especially to standards, rules, or laws
  • n. the refusal to adhere to a state religion
  • n. A type of unconformity in which a non-sedimentary rock intrudes in sedimentary layers.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • n. Neglect or failure of conformity; especially, in England, the neglect or refusal to unite with the established church in its rites and modes of worship.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. Neglect or failure to conform, especially to some ecclesiastical law or requirement.
  • n. Specifically, in eccles. usage:
  • n. The refusal to conform to the rites, tenets, or polity of an established or state church, and especially of the Church of England.
  • n. The doctrines or usages of those English Protestants who do not conform to or unite with the Church of England.

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  • n. lack of harmony or correspondence
  • n. a lack of orthodoxy in thoughts or beliefs
  • n. unorthodoxy as a consequence of not conforming to expected standards or values
  • n. failure to conform to accepted standards of behavior


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

non- +‎ conformity


  • We are truly experiencing a difficult period, but what you refer to as nonconformity affects only a portion of the people who are discontented.

    Castro Speaks to Reporters

  • The pride he talks about swallowing appears to be a common atheist pride in nonconformity, which doesn't go well with an activist movement of any sort.

    A quasi-religious movement

  • Comprehending queer codes, exulting in nonconformity, expressing gender deviance, confronting assimilation, having to "pass": write about the theory of your life.

    Breakfast in Bed

  • *** I do not think my attachment to nonconformity is likely to be at all shaken by my present circumstances; on the contrary, I long to attend "among my own people," and to worship in the simplicity of the gospel.

    Memoirs, Correspondence and Poetical Remains of Jane Taylor

  • A nonconformity is a boundary where stratified (layered) rock rests upon un-stratified igneous or metamorphic rock.

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  • Before Peaches became an icon of sexual rebellion and musical nonconformity - in other words, before she was Peaches - the Toronto-born musician was Merrill Beth Nisker, a Jewish day care teacher who created a popular program for kids based on music.

    Las Vegas Sun Stories: All Sun Headlines

  • The Beats were the ones who really championed the idea of nonconformity; they never met an outsider they didn't love.

    Expecting Rain

  • However, these issues didn't reach the level of "nonconformity" and therefore didn't stop the rig's recertification.

    Rep. Ed Markey: Oil Industry's "Island Vacations" from Regulation

  • Yes, every watt you soak up in your puerile demonstrations of "nonconformity" does so much to advance America's greatness.

    Drudge Retort

  • It took jurors one hour to rule the steering problem was a "nonconformity" and order the company to pay damages. Headline News


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