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  • n. Lack of conformity; nonconformity.
  • n. Geology A surface between successive strata representing a missing interval in the geologic record of time, and produced either by an interruption in deposition or by the erosion of depositionally continuous strata followed by renewed deposition.

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  • n. a lack of conformity
  • n. a gap in time in rock strata, where erosion occurs while deposition slows or stops

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  • n. Want of conformity; incongruity; inconsistency.
  • n. Want of parallelism between strata in contact.

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  • n. In geology, same as unconformability.
  • n. Non-conformity; incongruity; inconsistency; want of conformity.


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un- +‎ conformity


  • Much of the site displays a spectacular example of a geological unconformity, concordant and discordant coastlines exist, allowing for varied erosional landforms to be created.

    Dorset and East Devon Coast, United Kingdom

  • Siccar Point, Berwickshire, Scotland, where James Hutton the "father" of modern geology observed the classic unconformity

    Archive 2008-12-01

  • And that isn't the only unconformity the calpytraeids are known for.

    Archive 2008-03-01

  • A regional mid-Oligocene unconformity, the Marshall Paraconformity, lies within the limestone interval onshore and correlates with hiatuses in at least two, and possibly three, offshore exploration wells and with a temporary lithological change from limestone to quartz sand at a fourth.

    Think Progress » Senate Committee Launches Taxpayer-Funded Misinformation Campaign About Gore Movie

  • So they talk in terms like there is an unconformity in the sea, below which temp is constant and above which it is getting warmer at around half a deg C a century.

    Asphalt « Climate Audit

  • “Basement ice” is marked by an angular unconformity with more recent ice and by a heavy dirt layer, which is the residue of many years of ablation.

    Ice Island T-3 « Climate Audit

  • A thick capping of ablation produced dust marks the surface of unconformity.

    Ward Hunt Ice Shelf Stratigraphy « Climate Audit

  • From the latitude of Ward Hunt Island south, an older “basement” of interdigitating sea and brackish ice Lyons et al 1971 lies with angular unconformity beneath the interstratified iced firn and lake ice.

    Ward Hunt Ice Shelf Stratigraphy « Climate Audit

  • It was a stroke of luck; this level of unconformity might also stretch to the possibility of being open for questions.

    The Bloomsday Dead

  • The summit is at 6700 m with 103 m depth (radar); Site 2 at 6200 m with a 308.6 m core to bedrock and Site 1 (shown here at 6200 m as well based on Thompson et al NATO 1996 Figure 2c) with 200 m depth (from radar) with a reported unconformity at 83 m.

    Guliya Core #2 and Mountain Glacier Flow « Climate Audit


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