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  • n. The quality or condition of being other or different, especially if exotic or strange: "We're going to see in Europe ... religion, royalty, picturesqueness, otherness” ( Anatole Broyard).

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  • n. The quality of being different or distinct.
  • n. The result or product of being different or distinct.

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  • n. The quality or state of being other or different; alterity; oppositeness.

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  • n. The state or quality of being other; alterity.

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  • n. the quality of being not alike; being distinct or different from that otherwise experienced or known


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other +‎ -ness


  • Then, in a kind of mockingly Hegelian negation of negation, the very dimension of otherness is cancelled: one does it with oneself.

    The new feminists: lipstick and pageants

  • Whatever that otherness is seems to come from somewhere deep within us.

    Sunday Reading

  • I've already suggested that female otherness is an overdetermined feature in a genre that tends to describe an object of visual pleasure and fascination from a masculine perspective, often to an audience understood to be masculine as well.

    Ekphrasis and the Other

  • And yet each of these forms of otherness is simultaneously overcome: the "slovenly wilderness" (which is already "Tennessee") is made to "surround" the jar in imitation of its roundness; the creaturely subject becomes a sovereign; and the static, spatial image of ekphrastic description is temporalized as the principal actor in a narrative.

    Ekphrasis and the Other

  • Then, as Americans, they found themselves consigned to a perpetual state of 'otherness' - twice treated as strangers in their own land.

    Hamdan Azhar: Strangling Gaza and the Radicalization of Political Discourse

  • We publish even including the one-off collections, which are often not especially "otherness"-related only 17-18 stories and 20 poems per year.

    A Conversation with John Benson

  • Where the legal definitions of childhood were constructed in order to protect children against working in the mines until their bones grew soft from lack of sunlight or weaving rugs until their legs were crippled from sitting and they were going blind, these same definitions have been used to create target groups for "otherness" - and ugly otherness at that.

    thinking with my fingers

  • The game broke down barriers, although the positive elements of "otherness" - the shared Judaism a lodestone - fostered a proprietary self-branding. - Home Page

  • They reinforce the notion of "otherness" for art created by queers.

    Everett Quinton: Queer/Art/Mentorship: Why I Dislike the Term 'Queer Art' But Mentor a Queer Artist Anyway

  • He wrote of the infant's perception of itself as "other" when it first sees itself in a mirror and of the consequent emergence of the idea of otherness as something absent from or lacking in the self.

    The Quest of Michel de Certeau


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