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  • n. The quality or state of being mutable.

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  • n. The quality of being mutable, or subject to change or alteration, either in form, state, or essential character; susceptibility of change; changeableness; inconstancy; variation.

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  • n. The state or quality of being mutable.
  • n. Changeableness, as of mind, disposition, or will; inconstancy; instability: as, the mutability of opinion or purpose.

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  • n. the quality of being capable of mutation


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mutable +‎ -ity


  • I wish I could freeze frame them, but their mutability is their poignant charm.

    Kate Clinton: Crabby Putin-esca

  • Steadfastness in mutability, that is the common need, a Rock of Ages.

    In a Green Shade A Country Commentary

  • Politic as it is to document this kind of manmade instability, however, Shapcott's poems temper their more urgent observations with the knowledge that both constancy and change are, so to speak, constructs of the human imagination, and "mutability" itself only a word.

    Of Mutability by Jo Shapcott

  • I guess 'mutability' is the right word for it all.

    Jo Shapcott: I'm not someone chasing her own ambulance

  • To me, the most telling evidence of our "mutability" comes from those LGBT people who change even when there is little or no external duress.

    Patricia Nell Warren: Civil Rights for Gays: Does "Immutable" Really Describe Us?

  • So too with a tree, which guarantees its immortality by flourishing, generating seed, and dying, so that the idea of a tree will be perpetuated by what Edmund Spenser calls 'mutability'.


  • Nostalgia for an unchanging and primary language — and as late as 1760 Samuel Johnson was complaining of the "mutability" of human speech — partly explains why the major projects of premodern philology were normative grammar and etymology intended to derive European words from their divinely given Hebrew "originals."

    Mark Twain's Languages

  • But the word 'mutability' means change - and sometimes, there at the edges of it, there is twinkling green.'' - Telegraph online, Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph

  • To determine the generalizability of this kind of mutability 'switching' among a wider range of bacteria, we examined the distribution of tandem repeats within MMR genes in over 100 bacterial species and found that multiple genetic switches might exist in these bacteria and may spontaneously modulate bacterial mutability during evolution.

    BioMed Central - Latest articles

  • When the period of "mutability" occurs, unexpected forms spring forth in a great number of different directions. [

    Evolution créatrice. English


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  • a1420 LYDGATE Troyyes Bk. (Augustus A.4) I. 1859 Thei seyn that chawng and mutabilite Appropred ben to femynyte.

    July 15, 2008