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  • n. A provincial corruption of lilac.


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  • And as this thought struck him, he pulled out two more, picked up the ones he had set to one side, slammed to the drawer, by this time realizing that Grandma could not hear, and ran out of the bedroom to the "laylock" bushes, where he sat down to enjoy the peppermint drops.

    The Adventures of Joel Pepper

  • The verandah was empty, and he strode along it and past the laylock-bush where -- scarce ten minutes before -- Dr. Clatworthy had received such a desperate shock.

    Merry-Garden and Other Stories

  • They walked in pairs, to be sure: and the hum of their voices reached to the laylock-bush as they bent and discussed the flowers in Aunt Barbree's border.

    Merry-Garden and Other Stories

  • In the babel of talking and laughing no one had heard his footstep; and he came to a halt by a laylock-bush at the end of the verandah and stood staring: and while he stared his face went red, and then white, and he reeled back behind the bush and put both hands to his head.

    Merry-Garden and Other Stories

  • He was forced almost to a run to keep pace with Miss St. Maur: but at the steps leading up to the garden he made her promise him to go quiet, and the pair tiptoed up and through the verandah and peered around the laylock-bush.

    Merry-Garden and Other Stories

  • But before he could pilot her past the laylock-bush, forth from that very arbour stepped a couple, and from the next arbour another couple, and both couples took the garden path, and in each couple the heads were closer together than necessary for ordinary talk, and the eyes of them seemingly too well occupied to notice the doctor and Miss St. Maur by the laylock-bush.

    Merry-Garden and Other Stories

  • "The cats 'ave been in that laylock," he replied, twisting off a broken branch.

    Complete Project Gutenberg John Galsworthy Works

  • Mis 'Priest, jest's I got breathin' in that laylock bloom

    Men, Women and Ghosts

  • The remaining details of when and where were soon settled, Car'line informing him, for her ready identification in the crowd, that she would be wearing 'my new sprigged-laylock cotton gown,' and Ned gaily responding that, having married her the morning after her arrival, he would make a day of it by taking her to the Exhibition.

    Life's Little Ironies

  • She was a well made, pretty lookin 'girl, but I tell ye 't was like setting a laylock bush to grow beside an ellum tree, and expecting of 'em to keep together.

    A Country Doctor and Selected Stories and Sketches


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  • She was a well made, pretty lookin' girl, but I tell ye 'twas like setting a laylock bush to grow beside an ellum tree, and expecting of 'em to keep together.

    --Sarah Orne Jewett, 1884, A Country Doctor

    January 28, 2010