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  • n. The condition or state of being left or on the left side.


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  • Sorry Ondine but your attitude to leftness is one of the biggest problems that the enviroment faces.

    Zero Energy Homes in California by 2020 | Inhabitat

  • The mans jokes arecontrived and he actually seems now like he is a bit over the top in trying to prove his "leftness" to the world.

    ChronWatch - Articles

  • How shall we measure the relative leftness or rightness of the court?

    Lots of Tuesday Links « Gerry Canavan

  • Reply: It's not the leftness that matters, it's the independence

    Clinton and Obama: The Worst and Best Thing to Happen to the Democratic Party in Years

  • Similar to the pragmatism/ideologue question, I don't really care what category a person falls in or if some policy I think will improve average people's lives passes some popular blogger's subjective test on its 'leftness.'

    "Surprised" Hildebrand Responds To Critics: "I Don't Regret Any Of It"

  • Similarly, upness and downness, rightness and leftness are not just abstract directions but have physiological, and thus psychological meaning.

    Ernst Mach

  • I'm the leaning tower of feel good love/peace/let's save the world leftness, yet I stride to make sure my collection represents all viewpoints.

    The Weeding of Compassionate Conservatism

  • _ The astronomers whistled, for this was a most propitious omen, since it confirmed the leftness of the bird's intentions and its peculiar inclination toward the mast of Ta'aroa.


  • Well if you†™ re happy doing so by all means embrace your inner perscriptavist and whinge that dictionaries are political works (no doubt on the order of leftness of Das Kapital in your mind), meanwhile the rest of the English speaking world will pass you by while you†™ re still moaning on about split infinitives, saying ‘you and I†™ or the ‘correct†™ use of the word gay.


  • He's so engrosed in his leftness (and his own massive ego) that you couldn't prove a leftward tilt to him of the mass of news outlets if you hit him in the head with only the left side of a brick. - Exposing Liberal Media Bias


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  • Leftness : the condition of being left handed. "He does it that way because of his leftness."

    January 6, 2017