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  • n. A symbol that represents a word but is not necessarily indicative of the object referenced by the word, used in studies of communication.


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lexi- + -gram


  • Because their vocal tracts are not shaped in a way that allows them to speak human language, the bonobos communicate using a system of lexigrams (symbols that represent words -- an interactive copy of their lexigram board is online here).

    Sara Gruen: Sara Gruen, 'Water For Elephants' Author On The Inspiration For 'Ape House'

  • Explicit teaching of a symbolic lexigram communication system with some logical structure to the male orangutan Azy, ongoing since

    Animal Cognition

  • Compare the chalk writing with the lexigram on the keyboard.

    Susan Savage-Rumbaugh on apes

  • Video: This lexigram also refers to a place in the woods.

    Susan Savage-Rumbaugh on apes

  • There's a symbol on the lexigram for folks like me - we're called visitors, and we come infrequently.

    NPR Topics: News

  • Participation entails learning to communicate with humans via a "lexigram board" displaying some 400 abstract symbols that denote words, both for objects

    NPR Topics: News

  • Panbanisha pointed repeatedly to the symbol for tea on her lexigram and seemed satisfied only when an assistant brought me in some tea.

    NPR Topics: News

  • Given the tools of American Sign Language and lexigram symbols, great apes are communicating to human beings and one another their needs, desires, and thoughts.

    Thomas Paine's Corner

  • Asked to place at (lexigram) researche y used, gestures rs; Use of "CHA and symbols SE" to human positively initiate speech reinforce games d. 30 months 48 months 18 months 6 months 42 months appropriate places on timeline.

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  • Note: each lexigram was arbitrary i.e. it did not look like the object or word it stood for.

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  • a sign which

    represents a word

    May 26, 2009