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  • n. In phytogeography, same as vegetation-form.


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  • The phrase "life-form readings"—whatever that meant—was like his assumption that a woman could join into a man's task of searching the woods or would even want to, a spar thrown up out of the dark sargasso sea of lost memory.


  • After learning that an assimilating alien life-form had awoken from an icy slumber to gobble up whatever life it could get its creepy paws on, Russell and his crew got to work sorting out just who was legit and who was a filthy imposter, all manner of dog and scientist getting incinerated in the flaming holocaust that ensued.

    Top 10 Remakes Better Than the Original Movie » Scene-Stealers

  • We have determined that the life-form is, in essence, a brain only.

    Star Trek The Next Generation®

  • Growing a new life-form tuckered Hope out, leaving me at loose ends.

    Mercy Kill

  • There was no mistaking the common bond shared by the samples, with each specific DNA strand possessing a varying number of chemical base pairs relating to the life-form in question.

    Star Trek: Typhon Pact Paths of Disharmony

  • Sure, microbes might exist in nooks and crannies, deep underground or in liquid or icy water, but too many things have to go right for a life-form to evolve beyond a basically single-cell state.

    First Contact

  • Oxygen, ozone, and complex carbon compounds like methane would, if found, strongly suggest that some kind of life-form was on the planet and producing those molecules as a by-product of its existence.

    First Contact

  • So any discovery of a life-form not descended from LUCA would provide this remarkable bonus: Finding Extraterrestrial Life 2.0 would make far more clear what Earthly Life 1.0 actually entails, and what is needed for something to be alive.

    First Contact

  • The techniques being developed now would not provide a 100 percent certain detection of extrasolar life, but would be able to predict to within the 95 percent range that some life-form was responsible for a biologically produced gas if found.

    First Contact

  • It is up to us and the God Who is YyyyHhhhWwwwHhhh, the Breath of Life Who breathes and speaks in every language, every culture, every life-form, every era, Who calls us to courage and compassion.

    Rabbi Arthur Waskow: Modern Pharaohs: What Does Egypt's Uprising Mean?


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