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  • n. A guard of the life or person; a guard that attends a prince or other person; a body-guard.
  • n. Brushes or some other device placed before the forward wheels of a locomotive to sweep small obstructions from the track.
  • n. A man employed on a bathing-beach to guard against accidents to bathers.


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  •   If, like other girls, I would simply stand up straight while crossing the long, glaring - white concrete expanses outside of the water at Sharpton Pool, instead of walking quickly and sometimes hunching my shoulders, I would find myself an attractive life-guard beau.

    Euro-car at the Pool

  •  Surely, I thought, it wouldn't be like this always — would high school, and becoming a life-guard, matter later?

    Euro-car at the Pool

  •   "Well, just learn!" my mom urged me, and I felt confused that so much weight was on this thing, this becoming a life-guard and achieving some kind of golden status, the chosen and photogenic few who sat on high.

    Euro-car at the Pool

  •    My mom had one in particular in mind, a life-guard named Mike who seemed more mature than the others, but similarly brush-cutted and physically fit.

    Euro-car at the Pool

  •    For a while she wanted me to become a life-guard, too, saying that it would be a good-paying job.

    Euro-car at the Pool

  • The One with whom I shared the most glorious kiss, during an August sunset, in the life-guard tower at Coney Island, as this song played softly in the background, echoing from the lit-up amusement park behind us.

    Musical Moments That Change Your Life—The Remix

  • Let it not be thought extraordinary, that this soldier of the life-guard should be looked upon with some degree of curiosity by the passing citizens.

    Count Robert of Paris

  • In the midst of the squadrons of the life-guard might be seen the proud war-horse of his Imperial Majesty, which pawed the earth indignantly, as if impatient at the delay which separated, him from his august burden.

    Count Robert of Paris

  • The Women's Petition Against Coffee is a satirical pamphlet about men who never fight with any weapon except the tongue, and are 'unfit to be the life-guard to a cherry-tree' mmm, you bitch.

    Archive 2008-08-01

  • A few minutes ago, the sounds from the loudspeaker at the beach drifted through my window with the life-guard calling 'hey little boy, you are going out too far.

    Archive 2006-07-01


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  • n. Brushes or some other device placed before the forward wheels of a locomotive to sweep small obstructions from the track.

    August 6, 2016