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  • n. According to certain New Age beliefs, a stream of life force associated with an individual being.
  • n. A time-ordered stream of documents that functions as a diary of one's electronic life.


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life +‎ stream


  • A lifestream is a way of organizing digital objects—photos, emails, documents, Web links, music—in a time-ordered series.

    Rethinking the Digital Future

  • We have another concept called lifestream too … Lifestreaming is presented by

    Fedora People

  • You find a blog - you click a button in your toolbar, it checks the page through for both microformats and other semantic elements, hunts down the feeds and you've got a 'lifestream' there as both an RSS/Atom feed, and an OPML file which you can share with others or use in readers which support subscribing to reading lists.

    Lifestreams are good, uniFeeds will be better

  • These agents will test drive the Fiesta for six months and, during that time, will 'lifestream' their experiences on Twitter and YouTube.

    The New Ford Fiesta on Google Maps

  • I use Twitter because I find the whole "lifestream" idea fascinating.

    streetwise, perhaps, but definitely not glamorous

  • It's very easy to get an overview of your "lifestream" and I eagerly wait for them to add more services.


  • The homescreen is a "lifestream" that users can respond to with a swipe or a pinch.

    Fast Company

  • Maybe I'll finally figure out this whole "lifestream" / FriendFeed mumbo-jumbo, kill off a few of my logins and figure out a way to publish from one place to multiple constituencies (with varying, degrading content deliveries) and stop getting so wrapped up in the 'where' and focus on the 'what'.

    Mostly Muppet

  • Why can't you easily select a "lifestream" mode that gives you everything in a single, linear feed?

    Internet News

  • Also, I've integrated my Twitter feed into (what I'm reliably informed is) my 'lifestream', which is an amalgam of my feeds that I've knitted together using Yahoo!



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  • "n. An online record of a person's daily activities, either via direct video feed or via aggregating the person's online content such as blog posts, social network updates, and online photos." --Word Spy

    April 26, 2010