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  • A practical scholar, when he arrived in Pennsylvania he studied Indian tactics and later developed light-infantry doctrine for Britain.

    George Washington’s First War

  • That is like characterising the Marine Corps as a small, light-infantry military club that meets on Tuesday at the American Legion hall.

    Axelrod: Obama "thought very long and hard about" about opening up the CIA interrogation memos.

  • With such spirit and determination. this light-infantry force whipped three great military powers over 30 years of war.

    The War Without End

  • It was in this garden, further down than the orchard, that six light-infantry men of the 1st, having made their way thither, and being unable to escape, hunted down and caught like bears in their dens, accepted the combat with two Hanoverian companies, one of which was armed with carbines.

    Les Miserables

  • He didn't need or want outside professionals telling him where to go or what to do; he preferred building his campaign as he had his businesses, on a light-infantry model, with people he knew at the top and SWAT teams of buttoned-down young men borrowed from Perot companies to execute their orders.


  • As a light-infantry unit, the 10th Mountain Division is prepared to deploy rapidly by air, sea, or land anywhere in the world, and the base seems in a state of perpetual preparation.

    The Volunteer Army: Who Fights and Why?

  • As the Army's elite light-infantry troops, they are fast-strike soldiers with an especially dangerous mission.

    The War Of The Night

  • Antony, desiring of him some light-infantry out of the rear, and some horse out of the front, with which he would undertake to do some considerable service.

    The Lives of the Noble Grecians and Romans

  • Rangers are the premier light-infantry unit in the army.

    Four Blind Mice

  • "Well, there's about forty light-infantry soldiers ..." he explained on for several minutes.

    Clear and Present Danger


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  • Normally spelled without a hyphen; I copied the spelling from a primary source that spelled it like this.

    Captured at Yorktown, "2 regiments artillery, 2 of guards, 2 of light-infantry, 7 of foot ("regiments of foot" were infantry)," which were enumerated separately from those German-speaking troops that served with the British:

    2 regiments Anspachers (from the principality of Anspach-Bayreuth in what is now Germany)

    the "Hereditary Prince's regiment of horse," a.k.a. the Prince Hereditaire Regiment, and the Erbprinz regiment. Many of these troops were from Hesse-Kassel, which led Americans to refer erroneously to all German speakers who fought with the British as "Hessians"

    and 9 companies of "Yagers," a.k.a. Jägers or Jaegers. This regiment, also from Hesse-Kassel, was formed of expert riflemen who were recruited from among game keepers and foresters. The Jäger unit at Yorktown was commanded by Captain Johann Ewald, who left a memoir of his experiences.

    October 29, 2007