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  • And Nate Tierney, he says 't water an 'heat an' lightin 'is goin' to be jest as free, in our town, as sunshine an 'air is everywhere.

    Joyce's Investments A Story for Girls

  • Well, there's ane thing I'd be glad to hear o 'frae your new doctor, an' that is no 'to be gliffed by thunner an' lightin '.

    Border Ghost Stories

  • I wonder what they'd say, Professor, to a bid for puttin 'in a dynamo for 'em an' lightin 'this dark old hole with electricity?

    The Aztec Treasure-House

  • We was coming through that Bill Morse's woods, and there come such a flash o 'lightin' it most blinded us, and the wind blew enough to blow a body over; and we thought there was a storm right down on us, and we run jest as fast as we could.

    Oldtown Folks

  • "Wish I'd left my boots in the boat, but I figured old Powder Face would stop when he got to shore instead of smashin 'us again' the rocks an 'lightin' out like the devil was after him -- he's old enough to know better.

    Prairie Flowers

  • An 'thar she beheld her own face; _her own face_ she looked upon ez she waited thar under the tree watchin' the foot-bredge; _her own face_ pale an 'troubled; her own self dressed in white, crossin' the foot-bredge, an 'lightin' her steps with a corpse's candle. "

    The Phantoms Of The Foot-Bridge 1895

  • I comed back here, an 'by chance fell in with this feller -- this Yankee-nigger -- who offered me five dollars a day to haul up the curtain, an' do a lot o 'dirty work, sich as bill stickin', an 'lightin' the candles, an 'sweepin' the floor; but it's hard work, I tell ye, to live on so little in sich a place as this, where everything's so dear. "

    The Golden Dream Adventures in the Far West

  • We're too busy grabbin 'the pitchforks and lightin' torches for the mob that's going to get that fascist socialist president Obama before he raises taxes and takes all our guns ...

    Playing air guitar while the city drowned

  • For the most part, aside from sorry white trash wanna be spot lightin hunters, you hardley ever see an outdoorsman litter or hurt the environment.

    Sea Kittens PETA

  • Settin 'back, lightin' up a doobie with organic matches - I can see it.

    What this country needs besides a good five-cent cigar...


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