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  • I gits him out at last, an 'we goes over to where poor Jess stands, stiff an' starin 'down inter the gulch.

    The Spinner's Book of Fiction

  • I'm so proud of ye when I think of the grand secret it's keepin 'for ye I am; and less and less are gettin' me chances for the salvation of me soul, for every night I'm a-sittin 'starin' at the magazines ye gave me when I ought to be tellin 'me beads and makin' me devotions.

    Her father`s daughter

  • I've been sittin 'starin', starin 'at' is muddy pair of boots,

    Rhymes of a Red Cross Man

  • The mates and the crew, part of 'em, was standin 'starin' at the pair.

    Keziah Coffin

  • There was something so onnatural about that big, wicked face hangin 'there over that awful height, an' starin 'so close into mine.

    Kings in Exile

  • An 'that fool up an' says it was me done th 'starin', and I'd got to stop it or he'd cut out my damn heart -- an 'them was his very words.

    In the Sargasso Sea A Novel

  • He couldn't help, in spite av himself, lookin 'now an' thin at the picthur, an 'he immediately obsarved that the eyes av it was follyin' him about, an 'starin' at him, an 'winkin' at him, wheriver he wint.

    The Purcell Papers, Volume I

  • The congregation sat dumb as huddled sheep -- when they were no 'starin' and gowpin 'at the meenester's wife settin' bolt upright in her place.

    The Bell-Ringer of Angel's

  • 'I see him once a-sittin' on a door-step, lookin 'straight afore him, and worn-out like, an' a lot o 'them childer standin' all about him, an 'starin' at him as mum as mice, for fear of disturbin 'of him.

    Robert Falconer

  • And off she sot, lookin 'as scorney as a London lady, and leavin' the poor minister standin 'starin' like a stuck pig.

    The Clockmaker


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