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  • According to mythy, Lilith was the original wife of Adam before Eve, but she wanted to be considered equal to Adam since they were made of the same material. Because of this, she left Eden and fled to her home at the Red Sea, and through continuous intercourse with Sammael, produced 100 offspring a day, which became known as lilim. At Adam's request, God sent the angels Sanvi, Sansanvi, and Semangelaf to retrieve her, but she refused. As a punishment, God took away all of her children and spread them to the corners of the earth.

    Lilith possesses wings and long, flowing hair.

    She will seduce men to produce demonic offspring with. She is considered a lusty sort of succubus and attack men at night, forcing nocturnal ejaculations. These wet dreams were thought to produce demonic offspring unless the proper incantation was performed. She will also fly through the air looking for newborn babies to kidnap or strangle since her own children were taken from her.

    If a child laughs while sleeping, it means that Lilith is present. Tapping the child on the nose will drive her away. The names or images of the three angels, Sanvi, Sansanvi, and Semangelaf will keep Lilith away and protect the baby.

    (from Mystical Creature A Day)

    May 30, 2008