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  • n. Pulverization of kidney stones or gallstones by means of a lithotripter.

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  • n. The breaking-up of kidney stones or similar calculi by means of ultrasound

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  • n. The operation of crushing a stone in the bladder or urethra to reduce it to particles small enough to be voided; lithotrity. It may be performed with an instrument called lithotriptor or lithotrite (also called a lithoclast); or, more recently, may be accomplished by devices using ultrasonic waves to fragment the stones.

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  • n. Same as lithotrity.


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

litho- + Greek trīpsis, a rubbing, pounding (from trībein, to rub, pound; see lithotripter) + -y2.


  • Nowadays, through a process called lithotripsy, they can send high-energy shock waves into the body to dissolve those stones without the risks associated with invasive surgery.

    Manifesting Michelangelo

  • It's the same technology used since the 1980s to blast kidney stones, an application called lithotripsy, but for foot problems doctors use less intense shock waves.

    NPR Topics: News

  • Physicians now use wave technology to penetrate patients’ bodies from a distance and dissolve kidney stones a procedure called lithotripsy, whereas just a few years ago surgeons needed to cut open the patient to gain access to the kidneys.

    Manifesting Michelangelo

  • She has since had three lithotripsy surgeries, all of which she says were unsuccessful, and has had to be hospitalized to drain the blood from her kidneys.

    Radley Balko: The New Panic Over Prescription Painkillers

  • The number of CAT scans and MRIs and the lithotripsy machine for kidney stones in the United States far superior in terms of the availability.

    CNN Transcript Sep 16, 2009

  • I understand that tens of thousands .... [pauses] [Hospital Director Raul Gomez] Cabrera, I do not remember what figure you mentioned regarding lithotripsy.

    Castro on Health Care at Ameijeiras Hospital

  • How much would a lithotripsy cost to resolve serious renal problems?


  • This sophisticated type of medicine calls for the use of lithotripsy, computerized tomography, linear accelerators, which we are already purchasing, nuclear magnetic resonance, and a great deal of laboratory equipment used in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases.


  • I suspect that Posterity will not thank us for the hereditary disease of Carrara we are entailing on him, and will try some heroic remedy, perhaps lithotripsy.

    The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 06, No. 38, December, 1860

  • It now has a non-invasive lithotripsy machine to break up kidney stones and a new 32-slice CT scanner that produces clearer images for better diagnostics.

    The Daily Sentinel: News


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  • Lithotripsy is a surgical procedure that attempts to break up a kidney stone or a stone in the gallbladder with minimal collateral damage by using an externally applied, focused, high-intensity acoustic pulse.

    The scientific name of this procedure is Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy (ESWL).


    February 4, 2008