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  • v. Present participle of litter.
  • n. The dropping of litter.


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  • Anti-littering is taught in the grade schools, it will take time to get the point across.

    Trash pick up, littering, and recycling

  • In other words, being anti-littering is actually being anti-environment, despite what you have been told all your life!

    Your Trash Just Doesn’t Disappear, Stupid! (Or How to Make Sure Useful Things Stay out of Landfills)

  • For what point is there in littering our speech with fragments of foreign pronunciation, very tiresome to anyone who does not happen to have learned that particular language?

    As I Please

  • It’s just not engrained into anyone’s heads that littering is a problem.

    For the Environment

  • Of all the pollution out there – people too lazy to recycle, the various pollutants from industry and cars all the thousands of ways we screw the planet, littering is the only one I don’t understand

    Okay, let’s talk environment again — Fusion Despatches

  • I wonder: do any of the clerks — many with pony-tails, tattoos, unicorn sweatshirts, piles of their own books — give a damn about these bloody, wounded titles littering their fields?

    Titus, I

  • Although you'd never know it, there are actually folks out there in the hinterland that don't like the idea of littering the landscape with these nearly useless monstrosities.

    Marathon Pundit

  • Storm said he didn't know what the sign said, but got angry because the other man was littering, which is why he assaulted him, Wilson added.

    Latest Articles

  • The Telegraph reports today that "Children as young as eight have been recruited by councils to" snoop "on their neighbours and report petty offences such as littering, the Daily Telegraph can disclose."

    Archive 2008-09-01

  • Other interesting stuff I've found "littering" the blogosphere ...

    Archive 2008-05-01


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