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  • Rich; wealthy; well stored.


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  • locuplete complete total and rich

    January 9, 2007

  • as a transitive verb it has been used by umberto eco in italian (from the latin verb "locupletare"), meaning more or less to enrich, or to lavish with gifts, or to give abundantly.

    August 3, 2008

  • i've just found out that the verb "to locuplete" was used by donald m. frame in his translation of rabelais's "gargantua and pantagruel" (oxford complete works of françois rabelais) in the sense "to enrich"

    "signor missayre, my genius is not nately apt for what this flagitious nebulon says, to excoriate the cutucle of our gallic vernacule, but viceversally i fervidly operate, and by veles and rames applicate myself to LOCUPLETE it from the latinicome redundance" (p. 151)

    August 3, 2008

  • residential

    March 16, 2013

  • see (sea) adobe abode

    a quadisical (and harmon-not-ical musical) palindrome

    March 16, 2013