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  • adj. Eye dialect spelling of like.
  • v. Eye dialect spelling of like.


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  • I know nowt about thy manny-ensisses, an 'I'll warrant tha does na know what such loike is thysen.

    That Lass o' Lowrie's: A Lancashire Story

  • "Faith, in ould Oireland it's mesilf milked twinty cows at wan sittin ', an' they standin 'forninst me widout a word loike lambs till

    The Gentle Art of Cooking Wives

  • But "the masther" didn't "loike," not feeling disposed to trust a valuable animal to Dinny's tender mercies; so that gentleman turned upon his heel, and went back to the waggon-fire in disgust, and sat over it to "warrum" himself, though every one else was complaining of the heat.

    Off to the Wilds Being the Adventures of Two Brothers

  • The naked concrete makes this thing look loike a pill box.

    House in Gerês by Correia Ragazzi Architects

  • The massive Australian looked down at me over his desk and said, “Aye, looks loike yea gat a tach a the dayngi.”

    One From The Hart

  • We will nuke our own counrty before your mentally ill breathren get it. now, I have not attack you or spit at you loike some of the trolls here, i have brought nothing but discussion and asked you to do the same.


  • ‘And is he here at present?’ said I. ‘Not he, not he; he is a buck-hoonting, as they tell me, somewhere up the Patterdale way; but he comes and gangs like a flap of a whirlwind, or sic loike.’


  • Odd, his father would brain him if he went to Carloisle, bating to wrestling for the belt, or sic loike.


  • Feels loike ya fell doon a lift and got knobbed by a lorrie, innit?


  • He was just telling me there was two men who came after ya, looking for ya, loike, asking questions.

    The Bloomsday Dead


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