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  • v. Present participle of loll.
  • v. Present participle of lol.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Hanging down; leaning or lying at ease.


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  • Both dogs came to join their respective masters, Cody flopping down on the grass and rolling onto her back, her red tongue lolling from the side of her mouth.

    Writer’s Island -Friendship

  • Being present in a public place without an orientation to apparent goals outside the situation is sometimes called lolling, when position is fixed, and loitering, when some movement is entailed.

    Behavior in Public Places

  • It seemed as if all gross and heavy bodies had sunk down in the heat motionless and lay huddled upon the ground, but their voices went wavering from them as if they were flames lolling from the thick waxen bodies of candles.

    Monday or Tuesday

  • Hammerton rather liked the idea of lolling on a luxurious yacht and explaining to the outwitted owner just how he had done it.

    Captivating Mary Carstairs

  • "It's just kind of lolling around," she said over her wrist phone.

    Analog Science Fiction and Fact

  • I have just realized that the word 'lolling', in the sense of something done by a head from side-to-side, is doomed.


  • He could hear the murmur of their voices: they were speaking the low German of his childhood, muttering to themselves, while the bright sun cruelly clarified their workmen's clothes and their shrunken bodies with the over-large lolling heads and hands of marionettes.

    Rachel Cusk | Portraits

  • Reality: Anyway, last weekend I was lolling around in a kiddie pool in my grandma's backyard with my dog Mike, farting.

    John Shore: Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire

  • But don't start daydreaming just yet about a summertime in the southern hemisphere of Mars, lolling by a salty Martian shoreline.

    NASA Finds Possible Signs of Flowing Water on Mars

  • We know some of you think we are making up the terribleness of many of the queries we receive, and we are in fact a hateful and high-fullutent person, lolling about with our dogeared copy of Swann's Way (en français, naturellement!) and looking down our nose at the toiling masses whilst extolling leftist-elitist tripe!

    Love is Like a Bottle of Query


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  • The word means a kind of relaxed slouch, but all I see is "laugh out loud"-ing. It's a good word on its own merits, but for that association I hate it. Stupid internets, what have you done to me??

    May 10, 2007