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  • adv. At a time in the past, especially the distant past.

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  • adv. of the distant or comparatively distant past


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  • We noticed the conspicuous absence of natural regeneration within the woods, whose canopy was dominated by the tall beeches, long ago coppiced but now grown to a good sixty feet.


  • Joseph John outgrew the classes at the Zion Academy long ago and had attended public school since he was twelve.

    Keep Sweet

  • She was one stern lady, a ranchwoman who had grown up in hard times, and all nonsense had long ago been washed out of her.

    The Huckleberry Murders

  • However, U.S. investigators had long ago found that the man Mylroie described as an Iraqi agent was in fact a Pakistani born in Kuwait who had ties to al-Qaeda.

    The Longest War

  • I ran and got my purse and the steno pad I started writing on that morning, and we set up in the white, aluminum chairs Aunt Lette bought too long ago for me to remember.

    Finding Dignity

  • Lust did not enter the picture; she who belonged to the Great Mother had long ago abrogated lust as demeaning.

    Antony and Cleopatra

  • Sunflowers were (d) artificially selected long ago by Native Americans and (e) enhanced by modern horticulturalists.


  • But we had long ago rummaged through all of the drawers in the dressers and desks, finding scads of dried-out ink pens, paper clips, boxes of metal “I like Ike” buttons and a box of clear condoms that we used for a water-balloon battle.

    Change Me Into Zeus’s Daughter

  • This sex-linked solidarity which women have in the eyes of men was expressed long ago by Freidank:

    Conflict and The Web of Group-Affiliations

  • But the ratite lineage in general, with its heritage of gigantism and flightlessness, is relictual on Australia, New Guinea, and New Zealand and was until recently on Madagascar, having held out in those places while long ago disappearing from the mainlands.

    The Song of The Dodo


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