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  • verb Simple past tense and past participle of look.


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  • Jeff told me I was his hero because the grocery department looked so good the rest of the store looked…

    goldenboy Diary Entry

  • Claude noticed that David looked at him as if he were very much pleased with him, —looked, indeed, as if something pleasant had happened in this room; where, God knew, nothing had; where, when they turned round, a swarm of black flies was quivering with greed and delight over the smears Willy Katz’ body had left on the floor.

    XVI. Book Five: “Bidding the Eagles of the West Fly On

  • He just looked at me and _looked_ at me, and made me say it again, and then -- then he just walked away without looking back.

    Jane Journeys On

  • On Cape Cod, it is true, they looked “up and not down, ” but it is also true that they “looked in and not out”; in Sicily they looked neither up nor down, but straight ahead.

    Theocritus on Cape Cod

  • She looked at the clock and _looked_ at the clock and she asked mother and Alice to tell her the time so as to be sure she herself wasn't mistaken in what the clock said.

    Mary Jane: Her Book

  • No one would have known Griselda; she looked like a fairy queen, or princess, at least, for even her little white feet had what _looked_ like butterfly shoes upon them, though these, you will understand, were only a sort of make-believe, as, of course, the shoes were soleless.

    The Cuckoo Clock

  • I had often on previous occasions remarked that Panuel, who, when sober, was as silent as Videy, and looked like her in the face, became, the moment that he passed into 'market-merriness,' as frank and communicative as Sinfi, and (what was more inexplicable) _looked_ as much like Sinfi as he had previously looked like Videy.


  • And now he was among men again -- touched them -- looked at them -- _looked at them!

    Best Russian Short Stories

  • Big Tom, the village boys called him; and well they might, for he was a staunch, burly fellow, who looked as if he could crush an Indian in each hand -- not that he had ever had an opportunity to perform that remarkable feat, for Tom Hennessy had but recently arrived from a large town in the East; but he _looked_ as if he could do it; and, therefore, had credit for any amount of prowess and strength.

    Po-No-Kah An Indian Tale of Long Ago

  • Probably, after it was finished, we walked together to the nearest post, and as we went he looked at me -- _he looked_. Oh! "

    The Lady of the Basement Flat


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