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  • adj. Alternative form of looksist.


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  • Knowing that I was nowhere as attractive as my ex a fact my kids like to point out on a regular basis but being a complete 'lookist' until quite recently, it can take a while to work out that beauty really is skin deep.

    The Ex Factor

  • I looked up 'lookist' but could only find it in American online dictionaries with the definition below.


  • I have three masters degrees; my literacy levels are usually adequate to decipher most things, although I admit the word 'lookist' is one I have yet to encounter.


  • And don't imagine that any gender is free of lookist attitudes.

    A Pretty Dumb Hypothesis About Good Looks

  • The face is the first to show it and, as we live in a cruelly lookist world, this leads people to jump to the conclusion that the rest has gone too.

    Britain's cult of youth is out of control

  • If that's what he was laughing at, he's a big old homophobe or lookist or something... in which case we are entitled to look at him and laugh back.

    For the annals of anti-Althousiana.

  • This is very lookist of me, but I love, love, love his headshot.

    “Ah, that must be exhausting.” | clusterflock

  • I thought I'd go nuts while a critical mass of women deliberated whether the criticism of Palin was sexist or classist or lookist; thank God sensible people all settled on the fact that her selection was opportunistic and that's she's just a big fraud.

    Night of the Long Knives.

  • I didn't even make a big deal out of the fact that these so-called feminists stooped to making numerous sexist, ageist, and lookist comments, betraying their own principles ... and demonstrating, as they did in so many ways, that they don't know how to argue on the merits.

    I don't know what you were doing last night.

  • I discovered how important Eleanor Roosevelt was when this really sort of lookist interpretation of her friendship with Lorena Hickok was published, this sort of mean-spirited book that said these two sort of unattractive women were so miserable and lonely that they became friends -- they got it on.

    Eleanor Roosevelt: Volume 1, 1884-1933


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  • A practice or person containing or expressing lookism.

    November 3, 2017