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  • n. Formerly, a long and flowing lock on a man's head dressed separately from the rest of the hair, curled or tied with a ribbon, sometimes with several bows, and allowed to hang down over the neck and in front of the shoulder.
  • n. Now, a separate lock hanging conspicuously on the head of either a man or a woman.


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  • The luster of her terrible red hair showed itself unshrinkingly in a plaited coronet above her forehead, and escaped in one vagrant love-lock, perfectly curled, that dropped over her left shoulder.


  • A young Riffian named Mohr acted as butler, a coffee-and-cream-coloured boy, with a girlish face and a head with a close weekly shave, all except one long love-lock, which, combed out, fell over one ear in a glossy brown curl.

    In the Tail of the Peacock

  • Mrs. Harold pulled a love-lock as she answered: "You train your colts, girlie, and they are the better for their training, aren't they?"

    Peggy Stewart: Navy Girl at Home

  • _ If he had been slain on the right side, and died comely with a love-lock as a gentleman should.


  • But that Cockney boy would not be banned; he leered there with rosy cheeks, hair plastered down in a love-lock on his forehead, and low cunning eyes.

    Oscar Wilde

  • Philip found himself sitting between an old labourer in corduroys, with string tied under his knees, and a shiny-faced lad of seventeen with a love-lock neatly plastered on his red forehead.

    Of Human Bondage

  • It stood immediately behind a lamppost, and I could not but notice that a love-lock of Virginia creeper was trailing almost to the step, and that the bow-window on the ground floor was closely shuttered.

    A Thief in the Night: a Book of Raffles' Adventures

  • Frenchified with a love-lock down to your shoulders, whereon you may wear your mistress's favour?

    At the Sign of the Barber's Pole Studies In Hirsute History

  • "Upon my word, it's very handsome," he said, looking at the diamond cross outside, but thinking of the love-lock within.

    The Lovels of Arden

  • Her hair, which was nearly black, — but in truth with more of softness and of lustre than ever belong to hair that is really black, — she wore bound tight round her perfect forehead, with one long love-lock hanging over her shoulder.

    The Eustace Diamonds


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