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  • n. A fond expression of love in a person's eyes.


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love +‎ light


  • As she reached it she came face to face with the Sturgeon and the Sturgeon's eyes held no "lovelight" for her.

    Peggy Stewart at School

  • So down and up and on they mounted,—the black beggar man and his cavalcade of Death and Pain, and then a space; and then a lone, black hound that nosed and whimpered as he ran, and then a space; and then the king of Yonder Kingdom in his robes, and then a space; and last the princess of the Hither Isles, with face set sunward and lovelight in her eyes.


  • To a literary guy like me, the fact that all the time you are bathed in the MDMA lovelight, your synapses are being bathed in serotonin is irresistible.


  • But the lovelight momentarily flickers out in her eyes.


  • Christmas Eve will find me where the lovelight gleams . . .

    Learning to Die in Miami

  • Interests in both hemispheres would be better served if Washington shined the public diplomacy lovelight on the Kremlin's new military cooperation agreement with Venezuela that counterpoises the US presence in Colombia.

    Eric Ehrmann: How Sweet It Is... Brazil's Sugar Ethanol Fuels China's Recovery

  • Let it be mine alone to kindle the beacon of your intelligence, as I bring the lovelight into your eyes.

    Letters of Two Brides

  • She stopped short at sight of me, and I saw the eyes widen in that fine ebony face; she glanced quickly towards the distant wagons, where the fires were flickering, and then stood head down, shooting me little glances sidelong, scared at first, and then smoky, as she realised that, however terrible Susie might be, it might be no bad thing to satisfy the lovelight in Massa's eye.

    Flashman and The Redskins

  • Take your hands out of your pockets and turn on your lovelight

    Turn On Your Love Light

  • Every now and then as he saw her at home, the vision of beautiful womanhood that had passed before him that evening would flash into his mind, and the thought would come that sometime, somewhere, she would find him into whose eyes could shine from her own that glorious lovelight that he had for an instant surprised in them.

    Barbara's Heritage Young Americans Among the Old Italian Masters


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  • This is a poetic term that is sometimes seen in lyrics to pop songs but I've seen it in gospel and blues offerings as well. Sometimes it is spelled love-light and love light. It apparently means love energy or love vibration or love emanation or love expression.

    Turn on the light, let it shine on me,

    turn on your love light, let it shine on me

    _From Turn On Your Love Light by Deadric Malone and Joe Scott, performed by Bobby "Blue" Bland, The Grateful Dead and others

    And I wanna know

    Baby when you're with me

    Who do you think you're fooling?

    Making me feel so sure

    Turnin your lovelight down again

    Why don't you let me be?

    You don't know what you're doing

    Making me feel so sure

    Turning your lovelight down again

    _From Lovelight by Robbie Williams

    January 26, 2008