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  • Both speak of the "lupi," the spies who reported students using the vernacular or visiting the kitchen.

    Life in the Medieval University

  • Leipsic in 1507 orders that, according to ancient custom, "lupi" or

    Life in the Medieval University

  • "lupi" of Livy XXVIII.iii. were hooks; Vegetius, _De Re Militari_, ii.

    Procopius History of the Wars, Books V. and VI.

  • I just finished Blood Magic by Eileen Wilks (6th book in her world of the lupi serie).

    Friday Book Club

  • Quando lui le rivela di compiere studi sui lupi mannari, facendola entrare in contatto con quelle creature selvagge e pericolose che si aggirano fra gli umani ignari, per Lucilla niente sarà più lo stesso.

    Carezze Di Luna releases!

  • If you're not reading Eileen Wilks 'fabulous paranormal series featuring the lupi prince, Rule Turner and detective Lily Yu, why not?!

    Archive 2007-06-01

  • Note 4: For a discussion of varieties of deer on Taiwan in the seventeenth century, see Zhou Minghong 周鳴鴻 "Lu Zai Taiwan" 鹿在臺灣, Taiwan yanjiu congkan 臺 灣研究叢刊76 (1963): 104 – 16, esp. 105 – 106; and Nakamura Takashi, "Shiqi shiji Taiwan lupi zhi chuchan jiqi dui ri maoyi" 十七世紀臺灣鹿皮出產及其對日貿易, in Helan shidai Taiwan shi yanjiu shang juan 荷蘭時代臺灣史研究上卷 (Taipei: Daoxiang Press 稻鄉出版社, 1997), 81 – 120, esp.

    How Taiwan Became Chinese

  • For more on landdagen, see Nakamura Takashi, "Shiqi shiji Taiwan lupi zhi chuchan jiqi dui ri maoyi," 81 – 120; and Tonio Andrade, "Political Spectacle and Colonial Rule: The Landdag on Dutch Taiwan, 1629 – 1648," Itinerario 21, no.

    How Taiwan Became Chinese

  • "Shiqi shiji Taiwan lupi zhi chuchan jiqi dui ri maoyi" 十七世紀臺灣鹿皮出產及其對日貿易.

    How Taiwan Became Chinese

  • We need to know if you knew the cruelty involved in shooting wolves from the air before you offered that $150 bounty for dead monogamous wolf fathers and mothers (we hear you're a cat person, but I think shooting canidae lupi is going too far, even for a cat person).

    Jane Smiley: Palin In Purdah


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