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  • “Calm yourself, young malchick,” Anton replied in a soothing voice.

    365 tomorrows » 2008 » June : A New Free Flash Fiction SciFi Story Every Day

  • If I was to be a free young malchick again in a fortnight's time I would put up with much in the meantime, O my brothers.

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  • I hadn't really thought about that sort of veshch at all, and it only now really began to dawn on me that I'd be a fine free malchick very soon, and then I viddied that would only be if I played it everybody's way and did not start any dratsing and creeching and refusing and so on.

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  • I was allowed no britva here, and I had been shaved every other day by a fat bald-headed veck who came to my bed before breakfast, two white-coated bratchnies standing by to viddy I was a good non-violent malchick.

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  • And there's Will the English in the Muscleman coffee mesto saying he can fence anything that any malchick cares to try to crast.

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  • She ittied off and left me on my oddy knocky, and I could viddy now that I was in a malenky room of my own, not in one of these long wards like I had been in as a very little malchick, full of coughing dying starry vecks all around to make you want to get well and fit again.

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  • But, brothers, this biting of their toe-nails over what is the cause of badness is what turns me into a fine laughing malchick.

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  • This time the film jumped right away on a young devotchka who was being given the old in-out by first one malchick then another then another then another, she creeching away very gromky through the speakers and like very pathetic and tragic music going on at the same time.

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  • It was the next day, brothers, and I had truly done my best morning and afternoon to play it their way and sit like a horrorshow smil - ing cooperative malchick in their chair of torture while they flashed nasty bits of ultra-violence on the screen, my glazzies clipped open to viddy all, my plott and rookers and nogas fixed to the chair so I could not get away.

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  • It had not been like edifying, indeed it had not, being in this grahzny hellhole and like human zoo for two years, being kicked and tolchocked by brutal bully warders and meeting vonny leering like criminals, some of them real perverts and ready to dribble all over a luscious young malchick like your story-teller.

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  • "Boy" (Russian origin)in Nadsat (literary lingo from A Clockwork orange).

    January 7, 2009