malicious afterthought love

malicious afterthought


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  • Uhh... I'm pretty sure that was a joke. It was a strange one, though!

    At least... I think so. *decides to hide anyway*

    October 16, 2007

  • It is a strange comment seanahan - & I'm the expert at writing strange comments.

    October 16, 2007

  • Seanahan, is this supposed to be amusing? Hard to tell.

    October 16, 2007

  • This perfectly describes my weekend. I went around on my normal midget beating rounds, and I could find any. Finally, I found someone who was a bit taller than a normal dwarf, and might have just been a short normal person. I debated for a while, but the fact he was carrying a purse settled matters for me. So, I'm standing there, beating the crap out of this guy, and the cops come up. I start to freak out, but keep my cool. I back up from the guy, and the police pick him up and handcuff him. A woman comes over and hugs me, saying, "You caught the guy who stole my purse". Needless to say, this was a prime example of the malicious afterthought with which I lead my life. The hug was the sum total of my reward. I can't help but thinking if the man had been 6 inches taller, she might have rewarded me, but then again, I wouldn't have stopped to beat him.

    Excerpt from the Autobiography of Seanahan

    October 16, 2007

  • Sure, I know. But I usually have my malicious afterthoughts beforehand. ;-)

    October 16, 2007

  • Oh, ya know I was just playing about that. Unless you were to steal a phrase with, you know, malicious afterthought.

    October 16, 2007

  • Heehee. Note that I haven't stolen this. ;->

    October 16, 2007

  • A fortuitous inversion of malice aforethought.

    October 15, 2007