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  • n. Plural form of mandrake.


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  • They spread far and wide at their tops, and their branches twist and bend in the most tortuous manner; sometimes reminding one of those strange things called mandrakes, of which there is a superstition noticed by Shakespeare --

    Devon, Its Moorlands, Streams and Coasts

  • Part I.p. 420; but have since seen such a very probable account in M.S. of my learned friend Mr. Samuel Barker, of what we still call mandrakes, and their description by the ancient naturalists and physicians, as inclines me to think these here mentioned were really mandrakes, and no other.

    Antiquities of the Jews

  • What kind of fruit this was is not clear, but Brugsch thought they were "mandrakes," the so-called

    Legends of the Gods The Egyptian Texts, edited with Translations

  • _dudaim_ in the Old Testament, which is often translated "mandrakes" or

    The Evolution of the Dragon

  • "The same word is translated 'mandrakes' in Song of Songs vii.

    The Evolution of the Dragon

  • Mr.F. Ll. Griffith informs me that Gauthier's criticism of the translation "mandrakes" is undoubtedly just: but that the substance referred to was most probably "red ochre" or "hæmatite". [

    The Evolution of the Dragon

  • They gave him mandrakes in vinegar, which put him out and he woke up later.

    Friendly religious questions for Christians and other monotheists

  • This midrash incorporates several aggadic traditions according to which Leah gave birth to Issachar and Zebulun by merit of the mandrakes that she gave her sister.

    Rachel: Midrash and Aggadah.

  • Leah lost the mandrakes and was rewarded with tribes; Rachel lost burial, and was rewarded with the birthright (Gen. Rabbah 72: 3).

    Rachel: Midrash and Aggadah.

  • Other Rabbis found fault with Rachel and maintained that because Rachel made light of her right to lie with the righteous Jacob, which she sold for the mandrakes, she was punished by not being buried together with him.

    Rachel: Midrash and Aggadah.


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  • Mandrakes are herbs believed to have power to arouse love and promote fertility.

    March 9, 2019