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  • n. a dish of lamb, rice and dried yogurt, popular in Jordan, the levant and in Arab countries of the Persian Gulf


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  • It takes hours to prepare mansaf, which is why Palestinians don’t usually cook it every day and reserve the meal for special occasions you’ve been warned.

    Peace Meals

  • "I go to eat their mansaf [meat and rice]," he said, "but nothing will come of these men or their organizations."

    The Bomber’s Wife

  • At a mansaf party, it is polite to tear pieces of meat and pass them to your neighbors at the table.

    Peace Meals

  • I noticed that he had not touched the mansaf on his plate.

    Peace Meals

  • “One day, Anna, I will make mansaf for you,” Bassam promised me, tearing a bit of yogurt-soaked lamb with a piece of taboon and depositing it in his mouth.

    Peace Meals

  • Once upon a time, mansaf was a dish popular among bedouins who grazed their sheep, goats, and camels in the sparsely vegetated valleys and hills of ancient Palestine.

    Peace Meals

  • But the food spread in front of us was without equal: tiny pewter bowls of creamy hummus; steaming balls of falafel stuffed with cilantro and sautéed onions; fattoush salad, with tomatoes and cucumbers seasoned with lemon juice; hot, freshly baked pita bread; a plate of mint and watercress leaves and pickled vegetables; and, of course, mansaf, a dish of lamb, paper-thin taboon bread, rice garnished with almond slivers, and thin yogurt called jameed.

    Peace Meals

  • And a real Palestinian lunch, he continued, reaching for a sprig of watercress to fold into his hummus sandwich, has to have a mezze plate, or appetizers, and mansaf.

    Peace Meals

  • And so it was that the first time I had tried mansaf was at a funeral banquet in honor of Ahmat Salmi, a fifteen-year-old high school student who had hung several grenades from his belt, hooked them up to a pushbutton detonator, and set out to Dugit, an Israeli settlement on the northern tip of the Gaza Strip, about five miles north of his home, to kill some Jews.

    Peace Meals

  • A manager—like Bassam, a son of Palestinian refugees—would come with a notepad and Bassam would order mezze and mansaf.

    Peace Meals


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  • "Sometime between 2004 and 2009, he attended two dinners sponsored by the mainstream, fundamentalist Muslim Brotherhood, but he wasn't impressed. He went to eat 'their famous mansaf rice with meat,' not to hear their ideas, he told his wife. He spoke openly of wanting to visit 'places of jihad.'"

    —Mark Hosenball, Sami Yousafzai, and Adem Demir, "Anatomy of a Double-Cross," Newsweek, January 18, 2010

    March 17, 2010