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  • Having many folds, doublings, or complications.


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  • Yet he remains determined to arouse wider interest in the many-folded wonders of the pankha.

    The Collector: Jatin Das

  • Now Sigurd rides away; many-folded is his shield, an blazing with red gold, and the image of a dragon is drawn thereon; and this same was dark brown above, and bright red below; and with even such-like image was adorned helm, and saddle, and coat-armour; and he was clad in the golden byrny, and all his weapons were gold wrought.

    The Story of the Volsungs

  • As she completed "Artemis Fowl," she meticulously retrieved a many-folded piece of paper from her bag to record the entry.

    The Macphersons: Week 50: Thoughts Of Home

  • Tell how at the first gods and earth came to be, and rivers, and the boundless sea with its raging swell, and the gleaming stars, and the wide heaven above, and the gods who were born of them, givers of good things, and how they divided their wealth, and how they shared their honours amongst them, and also how at the first they took many-folded Olympus.

    Hesiod, Homeric Hymns, and Homerica

  • I can completely understand agents not wanting to read many-folded manuscript pages, but do I really need to spring for a catalog envelope plus postage for a single-page query letter?

    Archive 2006-11-05

  • I have thee on every side, Jack, and thy sides are manifold; many-folded at any rate.

    Lorna Doone

  • Against her, as she went, a many-folded drapery should have flattened or swayed.

    Two Tales of Old Strasbourg

  • Bernard made when we were children, and the leaves shook over us, many-folded, very light, breaking the blue of the sky, scattering wandering lights upon the skeleton roots of the beech trees where I sat, sobbing.

    The Waves

  • Plato, companion of Socrates; the tramp of dark men and yellow men migrating east, west, north and south; the eternal procession, women going with attaché cases down the Strand as they went once with pitchers to the Nile; all the furled and close-packed leaves of my many-folded life are now summed in my name; incised cleanly and barely on the sheet.

    The Waves

  • She stirred the fire to a blaze which lit up their faces, and the many-folded drapery of their gowns.

    The Way Home


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