yellow-striped love


from WordNet 3.0 Copyright 2006 by Princeton University. All rights reserved.

  • adj. having yellow stripes


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  • Both were suspended and barred from the red and yellow-striped fleet when their weight reached around 20 stone, apparently too much for the relatively cramped cabins and seats.

    Strike threatened after Blackpool bus drivers suspended for being 'too fat'

  • Besides the splendid room with Mr. Shawcross's work, and a terrific bright yellow-striped window-framing installation in the entrance hall by French artist Daniel Buren, the other highlight of the current show is a vivid red wall with one of Turner's own volcano paintings, The Eruption of the Souffrier Mountains, in the Island of St. Vincent, at Midnight, on the 30th of April, 1812, from a Sketch Taken at the Time by Hugh P.

    An Eruption in Margate

  • The yellow-striped white "super giant" is only months old, but his heft and length indicate he might very well outgrow his father.

    Designer Geckos In Hygiene Hopes To Take Advantage Of Untapped Colorado gecko Market

  • The yellow-striped white "super giant" is only months old, but ...

    Designer Geckos In Hygiene Hopes To Take Advantage Of Untapped Colorado gecko Market

  • AF: One of the millipedes we were playing with was a very pretty yellow-striped millipede that, according to Entomomologist, produces cyanide.

    The tickle of many little feet

  • We'd shake long dandelions at our attackers, the yellow-striped wasps that angered when we painted their paper home with raspberry ink and buttercups.


  • A small procession of relatives followed Mr. Deng's body, covered in a traditional shroud along with the blue, green and yellow-striped sheet.

    A Mother's Search

  • On a quiet night, when the moon is full, if you listen very hard, you just might hear it, the chirping of the rare and very ugly yellow-striped wingnut: “freep-freep!”

    Think Progress » Matthews: Neocons ‘May Be Right’ When They Say Bush ‘Has To Hit’ Iran

  • He wore a bright yellow-striped shirt under an oversized gray suit that looked downright bland next to the man in the Spider-Man costume or the couple dressed in white Imperial Storm Trooper uniforms sharing a pizza at a nearby Sbarro.

    New York World

  • Striding along, trying to gain a sense of the place while having to remind himself not to take giant leaps, he topped another dune, pushed through a closely packed stand of yellow-striped, single-leafed vegetation, and found himself confronting a pack of creatures busily cropping fat blue blades that grew in dense, solitary clumps.

    Running from the Deity


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