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  • n. The process of transforming the memory representation of an object to a data format suitable for storage or transmission, which is typically used when data must be moved between different parts of a computer program, or from one program to another.
  • v. Present participle of marshal.


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  • But he did demonstrate real political acumen in marshalling the argument that had no rebuttal and that carried the day.

    My Canada - Today and Tomorrow

  • Leadership is critical in marshalling and mobilizing existing support for racial fairness.

    New Century Politics

  • Joscelyn inspected them like a captain marshalling his men, and when each was armed with an apple she said:

    Martin Pippin in the Apple Orchard

  • Joscelyn inspected them like a captain marshalling his men, and when each was armed with an apple she said –

    Martin Pippin in the Apple Orchard

  • When there’s something that we really want, there’s never any difficulty in marshalling the requisite drive force to go with it.

    Let’s Get Practical « Tales from the Reading Room

  • This is called marshalling the ranks where there are no ranks; baring the arms (to fight) where there are no arms to bare; grasping the weapon where there is no weapon to grasp; advancing against the enemy where there is no enemy.

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  • Users can control what is private and public with different settings, he says, but added that maybe people don't know enough about "marshalling" their accounts.

    News from

  • Whether he’s right or wrong, this is the kind of marshalling of evidence one would want to see — I’m hoping he does in fact get around to it in the later volumes.

    What the Foucault?

  • So it remains to demonstrate the existence of the class struggle by a marshalling of the facts.


  • In Act Three, we get the marshalling of all available scientific resources to confront the dark force as we approach the climax of the uphill battle against all odds to "beat" the "unbeatable" disease.

    Craig Crawford: Act 5


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  • In heraldry, the arrangement of various coats-of-arms on one shield to depict the several matches and alliances of a family. Latin cumulatio armorum.

    December 11, 2012