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  • I was dealing with other stuff last week among them, my feelings about the Fort Hood massacure, Veteran's Day, etc., and then slaughtering that bull and coping with conversion of very large animal into meat, and then the first Messiah rehearsal on Saturday so it wasn't until Sunday night or Monday that I finally made it to that site,. which is based in the UK.

    From Twitter 11-17-2009

  • I also really liked Majik and the cypher/worlock characters from New Mutants ... and belive it or not when the morlock massacure was going on the new mutants was the best marvel comic at the time ... and that was when Chris Clarmont was writing X-men.

    POLL RESULTS: Your Favorite Marvel Superhero

  • Conservatives have a right to be suspicious, especially after the so-called Jenin massacure, which turned out to be a staged, phony massacure.

    Think Progress » Malkin: Outrage About Qana ‘Manufactured,’ ‘If It’s Not Qana, It’s Something Else…It’s Beauty Pageants’

  • Blaming someone else. .isn't going to help anything ... well. .anyway, The whole massacure gives me this sick feeling in my stomach to read about, but my curiosity always gets the best of me.

    mesocyclone Diary Entry

  • Apparently it didn't like the way I bit it so it decided it was just going to massacure my gums.

    goldylockz22 Diary Entry

  • Manson has da right to make w/e songs he wants without being blamed that his songs have caused a fucking massacure, those kids did it on there own free will…

    Marilyn Manson Evan Rachel Wood Back Together


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  • Found as a misspelling of “massacre�? in a school project on the “Massacre of the Infants�? referred to in the Bible’s New Testament Infancy Narratives.

    Though the definition of “massacure�? - the killing of large numbers of humans or animals as a method or course of action used to correct a harmful or disturbing situation - could be used to describe Herod’s order, it would hopefully be used more often in the modern world in reference to eliminating animal borne diseases such as SARS and BSE (Mad Cow Disease).

    September 30, 2009