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  • Talking of downloads, I got an unexpected request the other day from someone who'd come across "The Ballad of Matelotage and Mutiny" in a web search on "matelotage" -- which, as any Scruffian of the Seas should know, is both a) a weird form of art/craft made by knotting of frayed rope-ends, and b) the gay marriage of two mateys, as practiced by those of the piratical persuasion.

    Mind Meld, Matelotage and Mutiny

  • Where some strapping young sailor is game for a little of the old matelotage -- a dash of rum, sodomy and the lash -- we're not going to refrain simply because happenstance finds us in a nation or era with rules against such things.

    Outer Alliance Pride Day

  • Mind you, the thought of a handsome Irishman like Damien Rice singing about matelotage ... heh, I like!


  • The cow-killers, as they had neither wife nor children, commonly associated in pairs with the right of inheriting from each other, a custom which was called "matelotage."

    The Buccaneers in the West Indies in the XVII Century

  • Yes, stand proud as a purple-veined prick, Elders of Sodom, pulsing with your red-blooded vigour, throbbing with your passion for freedom, for the freedom to love and to lust, to have and to hold, in matrimony, matelotage or the marvelous marriage of flesh in which one simply makes sweet fuckee-fuckee with a sexylicious squeeze.

    Outer Alliance Pride Day


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  • a formal, often contractual, permanent union between two consenting adult men on the seas. (from "metalot" , 17th entury French word for "seaman")

    June 14, 2015