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  • n. Plural form of maxilla.


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  • The mandibles and maxillae are concerned with chewing, milling or otherwise processing food.


  • More or less invariably, the five segmental appendages of the head, reading from the front, consist of first antennae (or antennules), second antennae (often just called antennae), mandibles, first maxillae (or maxillules) and second maxillae.


  • Some groups can be identified by gills on other parts of their body, such as the maxillae.

    Insecta (Aquatic)

  • Although distinct segmentation is absent, the head possesses four pairs of appendages including the antennules, antennae, mandibles and maxillae, while the thorax has 3 pairs of legs.


  • In Protarchaeopteryx, teeth are restricted to the premaxillae and anterior parts of the maxillae and dentaries, with the premaxillary teeth being a few times taller than the others (Ji et al. 1998).

    Archive 2006-07-01

  • Its dentaries were toothless (and its maxillae probably were too).

    Archive 2006-07-01

  • Technically, the tomato is not a vegetable; it is a flowering root, and a member of the “maxillae” family.

    Open Thread: “Facts” « Whatever

  • A small mouth, by means of small maxillae, is very essential, as it is the specific characteristic of the human face as distinguished from the muzzle of the brutes.

    Essays of Schopenhauer

  • But her face, oval and dark-eyed, delicious in lip and nose, and a little sad in repose, constantly blurred the outlines of maxillae, thighbones, and the other interesting phenomena of his job.

    Maid in Waiting

  • Many of these individuals wore collars composed of imitation human maxillae with teeth carved from shell, as well as several real maxillae and mandibles, and were deposited in the pits with more than 2,100 pieces of worked shell and numerous obsidian blades and points.

    New Tomb at Teotihuacan


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