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  • «Fīlia mea agricolīs cēnam parat» (normal order) «Mea fīlia agricolīs parat cēnam» («mea» and «cēnam» emphatic) «Agricolīs fīlia mea cēnam parat» («agricolīs» emphatic) 3.

    Latin for Beginners

  • »et virtus mea, dum tentatur: neme, inquit, ultra r ires mea$ tentationibus dbjicias, neque vehemen - er derelinquas me.

    Opera omnia sanctorum patrum graecorum: graece et latine

  • I think the judge, as any judge, wants to hear the client, the defendant, the accused, someone who's being convicted say what we call mea culpa, I did it, I'm sorry, but he knew that that was going to happen.

    CNN Transcript Aug 30, 2002

  • But how does that sit with the paper's understandably robust approach towards Jayson Blair, the reporter who resigned in 2003 and became the subject of a 7,000-word mea culpa by the paper after admitting plagiarism and industrial scale fabrications?

    Hugh Muir's diary

  • But to watch a president of the United States just suddenly pop up on TV to do what many would describe as a mea culpa was extremely, if nothing else, humanizing.

    CNN Transcript Jul 24, 2009

  • Instead, he has seemed to join into what Charles Krauthammer called the mea culpa tour, looking at ourselves and criticizing America, particularly when Daniel Ortega takes America to task for trying to overthrow Castro.

    CNN Transcript Apr 21, 2009

  • Hevesi hastily called a mea culpa press conference hours after putting his foot in his mouth at the Queens College commencement.

    Firedoglake » Kill the Messenger

  • I do not think that I could bear a German officialdom, and should probably have to leave sponte mea, which is only less picturesque and more expensive.

    Vailima Letters

  • "The Times" launched an investigation, and last Sunday delivered a 7,000-word mea culpa, saying Blair had fabricated at least 36 stories.

    CNN Transcript May 18, 2003

  • The Latin term mea culpa "means" through my fault. "

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