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  • n. Male mid-life crisis or andropause, especially the type that manifests in attempts to reclaim lost youth, such as buying a sports car.
  • n. A sports car bought by a man during a mid-life crisis.


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Blend of menopause and Porsche.


  • Older men, who like Tiger may have been very successful, normally suffer from a syndrome called menoporsche where normally sane, reasonable family men, seeing and feeling their attractiveness fading with their testosterone levels, go out and buy a Porsche.

    The Sydney Morning Herald News Headlines

  • It's a perilous combination for a novelist: overnight success and the male menoporsche.

    The Menoporscheal Male

  • Sorry .. but menoporsche seems like a term for really rich guys with fancy cars:)

    The Menoporscheal Male


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  • Describes the situation where elderly men buy a sports car, usually just before retirement.

    November 24, 2007