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  • n. A merchantman.


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  • With a sprightliness that belies his appearance, the merchanter is the first to leave the firewagon.

    Scion of Cyador

  • Alcidas and his Spartan pirates took off the next morning, where, no one knew, and Phrynus was thrown in the hold of a merchanter that made its cautious way out of Myonnesus.

    The One Handed Rower of Myonnesus « A Fly in Amber

  • The next starship turns out to be not a scheduled merchanter but the "spook ship" Loki, on an unspecified priority mission.

    Love at first flight?

  • So on the one hand it can be done; on the other living in such crowded, confined spaces for so long would be tense at best, and I imagine it would lead to some pretty extreme social conditions, perhaps like the merchanter crews in C.J.Cherryh's novels.

    Could you live in space for years?

  • By the time they were on the flat south of the lower market, Kharl could see a large merchanter easing into a berth on the other side of the same deepwater pier where Hagen's ship had been tied up.


  • I was an officer on a merchanter of Lord Hagen's and was part of a force that was called to support Lord Ghrant.


  • "I've seen Brysta from the deck of a merchanter before," Kharl replied.


  • She was a merchanter, of a class that he thought had been decommissioned nearly a century before, mainly because its designers, desperate to maximize interior space for cargo, had routed far too much of her workings to the exterior, making her vulnerable not only to weapons fire, but even to casual space debris.


  • Some manner of delayed-activation currency would be exchanged, and the humanoid, no doubt the skipper of the battered merchanter Zetha could glimpse, partly lit by an overhead but mostly in shadow, just beyond the airlock, would take her aboard.


  • Comm said, opening the channel so he could hear the voice from the merchanter demanding to know why they were being fired on.



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