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  • n. Klein's name (1756) for a genus of birds of which the common hen is the type: a synonym of Gallus (Linnæus).
  • n. Merrem's name (1786) for birds of the family Cracidæ, or curassows: a synonym of Crax (Linnæus).
  • n. [lowercase] The Linnean specific name for a species of curassow, Crax alector.


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  • Such telling will invariably be linked more strongly to the alector's decisions if the alector has been the one to announce either gain or loss, and the resentment of those who suffer will be far greater.

    Alector's Choice

  • The CSNR is known to contain more than 400 of Suriname's known bird species, including Scarlet, Red-and-Green and Blue-and-Gold Macaws, (Ara macao, Ara chloroptera, Ara ararauna); Great Tinamou (Tinamus major), Black Curassow (Crax alector) the Guianan Cock-of-the-Rock (Rupicola rupicola) and the Harpy Eagle.

    Central Suriname Nature Reserve, Suriname

  • Beyond both rose the green eternastone tower, and the aqueduct of the ancients that ran westward to the Upper Spine Mountains, paralleling the main eternastone high road, although the road had been built by alector engineers to follow the aqueduct.

    Soarer's Choice

  • If the alector in question dislikes an outcome that will likely occur if subjective factors are weighted correctly, then the subjective factors will be dismissed or denigrated because they cannot be accurately quantified.

    Soarer's Choice

  • Khelaryt paused as the steward removed the cups and placed a plate before each alector, each holding a juvenile oarfish glazed with lemon-citron.

    Soarer's Choice

  • While he hoped that such a provider was not an alector, if he had to wager, he would have bet that the provider was either a rebel alector or one of the High Alectors with the goal of weakening the Cadmians.

    Soarer's Choice

  • Everything, for the thinking alector must understand that sentience of a lasting nature is rare, and that no price is too high to pay for the perpetuation of a society that enshrines sentience.

    Soarer's Choice

  • Since having such a Guard is against the Code, and since the regional alector who created them did not return, I imagine that none of us will see the survivors.

    Soarer's Choice

  • As he did, a young alector in a blue tunic appeared on the mirrored surface beside Dainyl, his eyes wide.

    Soarer's Choice

  • If he has not survived, then you will be the senior alector.

    Soarer's Choice


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  • a person unable to sleep (from Homer's Odyssey)

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