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  • n. A leper.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. A leper.


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From Anglo-Norman mesel, Old French mesel, from Late Latin misellus ("leper"), from Latin miser ("wretched"). Compare measles.


  • Subject: RE: Cambridge gig was it really that good? cannae remember much of the gig mesel '. more than usual pissed. plus where I was standing at the front you could hardly hear mark's vox (I knew the sound was better back a bit but I wasn't bothered).


  • MOI: cannae understan 'these obsessive types, mesel'


  • "I shall recite mesel '," he explained complacently, sucking in his smoke.

    The Nest Builder

  • Then the old man said wistfully, "Wud ye no 'like to see where I was born mesel?"

    Why Paint in Wartime?

  • I was afeard o 'the outcome mesel', an 'I spoke my mind freely to Mr. Green.

    Nancy McVeigh of the Monk Road

  • He heard a gruff voice saying: "Ah'm no so sairtain o 'it mesel'," which seemed to accord with the name of Leatham's skipper, and then came Benson's voice raised in agreement.

    The Pit Prop Syndicate

  • "'Tis mesel 'has sumthin' to learn ye," he retorted.

    The Lever A Novel

  • There's a bit story I micht as weel tell ye mesel ', for yell hear it frae Mac in any case, if ever ye chance to come upon him.

    Between You and Me

  • "How the divil am I ever to learn them corkin 'big words by mesel'?"


  • Just puit the box doon whair A 'can reach it an' mebbe A'll help mesel 'absintminded.

    Tam o' the Scoots


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