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  • The term "midrash" refers to the deep textual interpretation of the Bible, with every word examined for meaning.

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  • Furthermore, although compilations of Rabbinical exegeses of the books of the Bible are usually called midrash (e.g. Midrash Gen. Rabbah), some are also called aggadah or haggadah (e.g. Aggadat Shir ha-Shirim, Haggadat Tehillim [i.e.,

    Midrash and Aggadah: Terminology.

  • As midrash, that is, as a form of exegesis of scriptural text, to Leviticus 18: 3, this passage thus invokes the authority of scripture for its discourse on female homoeroticism; it links marriage between two women to the practices of the Canaanites and Egyptians, which this verse and numerous others explicitly forbid, as well as to a number of other sexual/marital connections explicitly or implicitly forbidden in scripture

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  • In addition to making leaps from "not historical research as we know it" to what he calls "midrash" in the next paragraph, and from there to "myth," a key problem is that apparently he hasn't read in detail sources like the first-century Jewish historian Josephus.

    Mythicism: Microexistence vs. Macroexistence?

  • But I do wish you'd mention specific sources so that I know whether you are using terms like "midrash" in their narrow sense or in a more vague way that has become increasingly common in recent years.

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  • It wasn't until I discovered interpretive methods such as midrash and its pesher subset that I began to appreciate what the NT writers were actually doing with OT texts.

    Jesus the Anti-Christ? Jewish 'Messianic' Texts from a Christian Perspective

  • In this guest essay, retired Baptist minister Howard Bess cites the Hebrew concept of "midrash," how to bring the word of God to everyday experiences, as he examines the challenge of applying Jesus's principles -- of advocating peace on earth and railing against greedy elites -- to today's problems:

  • Robert Price said it very eloquently: "Not only do the Gospels contain basic and irreconcilable differences in their accounts of Jesus, they have been put together according to a traditional Jewish practice known as "midrash", which involved reworking and enlarging on scripture.

    What Jesus Said and Did: 2) Divorce

  • A quick survey of my friends shows that many of them are quoting the midrash about the death of the Egyptians at the Red Sea, when the angels are chastised for celebrating the death of God's creatures.

    Rabbi Rachel Kahn-Troster: Reacting To The Death Of Osama Bin Laden: We Should Reflect, Not Rejoice

  • There may be some conflicting idea around in the midrash.

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  • "An ancient Jewish exposition of a passage of the Scriptures that may be either halakic or haggadic in type" --Merriam-Webster Unabridged Dictionary

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