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  • The way in which O'Connor's work embodies a particular interpretation of Catholic doctrine has always seemed to me the least interesting subject of inquiry into her fiction, and, as Anderson does correctly note, most non-scholarly readers remain unaware that it even is a subject relevant to the fiction, so fully isthat fictionotherwise focused on its depiction of its Southern mileu, grotesque characters, and perversely melodramatic events.

    Signature Elements

  • Unfortunately, the depiction of the underworld mileu in Nobody Move is rote, the characters too clueless to be interesting, and the style sacrificed to cinematic realism.

    What's Going On?

  • While I don't find this sort of historical criticism invalid -- there is ultimately nothing wrong with situating a work of art or literature in its period and cultural mileu, as long as the limits of this strategy as a way to "understand" the work are acknowledged -- I do find Dickstein's relentless pursuit of the strategy frequently tedious and finally not much service to literature, although Dickstein often assures us it is.

    Principles of Literary Criticism

  • Some might say the kind of pothead humor that arises from his choice of mileu and protagonist sometimes descends to the level of Cheech and Chong, but this is arguably a necessary side effect of the aesthetic strategy Pynchon employs: the world in which Doc Sportello roams is comic precisely because of the perspective the dope-smoking detective provides.

    What's Going On?

  • He exists mostly as an opportunity for Goldstein to evoke the mileu he inhabits and to raise the issues of faith and belief with which the novel is principally concerned.

    The New Equivocation

  • As we scale up and encounter the disconnected locales of different scenes, the reader constructs a mileu.

    Archive 2009-12-01

  • However, admiring someone for those “talents” is like praising the talents of the drumline troupe or the kazoo orchestra: difficult to pull off, to be sure, but not really something relevant or transferable, much less indicative of something useful outside that mileu.

    Matthew Yglesias » Mike Pence’s Ode to Rush Limbaugh

  • Literary posterity will probably regard it as an interesting but failed experiment, taking Updike away from his usual themes and mileu, although not completely: its exploration of religious belief is consistent with much of his previous fiction, and the town of New Prospect, New Jersey could easily enough be a depiction of Brewer, Pennsylvania in its own decayed postindustrial latter days.

    Updike, John

  • For all its emphasis on a mileu characterized by rebelliousness (however directed in recognizable channels) and noncomformity, The Pornographic Flabbergasted Emus is rather well-controlled and ultimately fairly conventional in its movement toward a kind of rounded-off closure.

    Narrative Strategies

  • Even Rabbit Angstrom is obviously not an autobiographical character, however much some of his responses to his situation and his experiences might have come from Updike's familiarity with his mileu and his background.

    Updike, John


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