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  • n. Someone telepathic, with powers to sense what others are thinking.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. One who reads, or professes to be able to read or discern, what is in another's mind.


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  • "How'd yeh know?" and, "My, ain't cheh a mind-reader!" the girls chorussed.

    Chapter 6

  • The mind-reader who picks up alien thoughts in a modern city: Real old-timers will remember Eric Frank Russell's invention of that plot in "Three to Conquer" 1955.

    Why Steampunk's Time Has Come

  • Emotions run deep as we meet Simon, another of Walter's tragic Cortexiphan experiments, a mind-reader living in isolation because shades of Sookie Stackhouse he can't stop hearing everyone's thoughts.

    Matt's TV Week in Review

  • It's simply that you do not know that he is not -- you not being a mind-reader and all -- so rather than portraying the SyFy Channel's statement as capitulation to the dread forces of political correctness, you might equally well assume that SyFy is offering up its alliegance to the Elders of Sodom of its own free will.

    An Open Letter to John C. Wright

  • I'm neither a mental-health professional nor a mind-reader, but standing on someone's front stoop, looking into his eyes when he declares himself undecided, it's pretty clear if that's actually code for "I'm not voting for the black guy."

    Aimee Lee Ball: A Scripted Life

  •            Rouchka pauses, and a mind-reader would see his brain running through the possible vowels to use — A, E, I, O, U and sometimes Y — for the next letter.

    High Stakes Transform Innocent World of Spelling Bees

  • This argument is just chock full of logical fallacies, the least of which involves you being an apparent mind-reader.

    Obama Campaign: Hillary Has Virtually No Chance Of Catching Us Now

  • The pigeon act Hamilton Conrad, the mind-reader The Amazing Fogel, the lady whistler Eva Kane, the foot juggler Levanda, the yodelling accordionist Billy Moore, the human spider Valantyne Napier, the novelty xylophonist Reggie Redcliffe ...

    Voices of change

  • I swear she is some kind of mind-reader, but I guess women know these things.

    Dr. Phil Becomes A Grandpa

  • Tyrone Power upgrades his mind-reader scam to one where he conjures up spirits of departed loved ones.

    I slept with Joey Ramone


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