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  • n. An unattractive person (of either sex).


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See minging (from Scots mingin) and -er.


  • Although now more commonly used to define an extremely visually challanging appearance, the word minger originally came from scottish gaelic, meaning 'septic vagina'.

    The Guardian World News

  • i looked up urban dictionary for the word minger and look what it says:

    The Guardian World News

  • And she says Simon was furious with Bowers for calling his girlfriend a "minger", even though it was part of a game.

    Inside TV Blog

  • Although she said her time in London taught her slang terms such as "minger" and "fit" she failed to answer correctly when asked to name the British Prime Minister, claiming she thought it was Gordon Ramsay.

    Home | Mail Online

  • "OK, so Jacqui Smith's a minger, but she's got norks like this ...."

    Archive 2009-04-01

  • This person will play his wife, so he doesn't want "a minger".

    The Apprentice - week six live blog

  • Only to promptly be called a fat minger by a bunch of lads leaning out of a passing car..

    Swanning About

  • 'Zut alors, what a lardy old minger,' he observed wisely to himself.

    The Mystery Of The Vanishing Man

  • And wonder uneasily what it was about her that made you suspect her of being a hairy-legged, humourless old minger who wears dungarees and couldn't get a bloke if her life depended on it.

    I Am Woman, Hear Me Snore

  • Teenagers worldwide have know for some time that even if the person you pull is a bit of a minger or not up to your normal intellectual standards, sufficient quantities of booze can make them the most attractive and witty person in the world, if only for one night.

    Dater Archives


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  • "But I have a strict rule for women - if one asks you back to hers after midnight, always say no - you'll be too drunk and she'll turn out to be a minger." - Alan McIlwraith, quoted in 'Fake Presto' by Steve Dinneen, Sunday Mail, 2 Dec 2007.

    December 4, 2007

  • nice word yarb!

    October 4, 2007

  • Ooh, I forgot tip! I'll add it to me list right now.

    October 4, 2007

  • Or no g depending on regional accent: standard is /'mɪŋə/

    October 4, 2007

  • Britlish, n. An ugly, dirty or otherwise physically undesirable person. Pronounced with a hard 'g', "ming-er".

    E.g. She seemed nice in the taxi but next morning I could see she was a minger.

    Not related to minge as far as I know.

    Also in the verb form "to ming" - to have the qualities of a minger.

    The verb and adjective "minging" are applied as often to objects as to people. E.g. I'm not eating that pizza, it's minging, or this sofa mings, did you get it from the tip or what?

    October 4, 2007