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  • adj. unattractive or repulsive
  • adj. unclean or dirty


From the Scots word mingin (Wiktionary)



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  • Minging things make you say "ew!", because they're dirty, ugly, or just plain repulsive! This runs the gamut from food to hairstyles on your neighbors' heads to that pair of old trousers you found in the attic, with the giant Yosemite Sam patch on the right thigh.

    It is, primarily, used in Britain.

    Like many -ing words, the final g is often "silent". An approximate pronunciation would be /'m?? ?n/ - that's the stress on the first syllable there.

    An example (Twitter's better for this, though):

    That cardigan is minging! First, who would glue all those rhinestones onto the zipper? And second, why is it puce?

    July 7, 2009