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  • n. Madness; silliness.

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  • n. (Yiddish) craziness; senseless behavior or activity


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Yiddish מישעגאָסס (mishegoss), from משוגע (meshuge), “crazy”, from Hebrew משוגע (meshugga`), “crazy”, from שׁוּגַּע (shugga‘) (“be driven mad”), שִׁיגַּע (shigga‘) (“drive mad”). Compare Russian мишигас (mishigas).


  • But the noted scholar Leo Rosten provides alternative spellings of "mishegoss" and "mishegaas."

    Beasts of Burden: Long Bikes and Shiny Riders

  • I think it's great that in the midst of all this mishegoss on the debt ceiling, budget, deficits, stimulus, the committee is taking the time to look at the longer term challenges that middle class families have been struggling with well before the recession took hold.

    Jared Bernstein: The Middle Class Squeeze

  • After the Janet Jackson bosom mishegoss, the NFL got scared of hiring young people, because all young people want to do is take off their clothes, and if you watch television, you know the last thing you ever see on TV is young people taking off their clothes.

    Who Plays Jersey in 2014?

  • So, the mishegoss that is the overseas market means that all those sorely needed production jobs are coming back home for Christmas, right?

    Tom Silva: Made in America?

  • And somewhere in this mishegoss, someone is making a shitload of dosh.

    Steven Weber: Making Degrade

  • And it will be back, even though creator Matthew Weiner and the studio and network are in the midst of their usual negotiation mishegoss.

    William Bradley: Mad Men for Christmas

  • It's hardly shocking that Hanukkah and its festival of lights, doesn't hold a candle to Santa, the sleigh, the ambitious elves and his whole chimney mishegoss.

    Wendy Sachs: 'Tis the Season Jews Can't Compete

  • VELEZ-MITCHELL: The defense couldn ` t even get bail reduced today because of this mishegoss, as they say.

    CNN Transcript May 18, 2009

  • SHEINDLIN: ... we call it mishegoss -- that mishegoss costs the taxpayers in the UK $83,000 a year.

    CNN Transcript Nov 24, 2009

  • Instead, we got a grand mishegoss of secrets, lies, and a concluding theological debate-puzzle that would tax Locke/Jeremy Bentham over on Lost.

    'Supernatural' season premiere: Back from hell |


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  • Also spelled mishegas, meshugaas, mishegaas.

    April 12, 2011

  • Safire on mishegoss

    The root is the same as that for meshuggene

    March 1, 2011

  • "As part of the country-club drift of well-to-do Jews, of their general Episcopalianization, golf has become a great mania—mishegoss, in the good Yiddish word—for so many Jewish men of my generation."

    —Joseph Epstein, "'Uncle Bernie' and the Jews," Newsweek, January 19, 2009

    January 24, 2009