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  • The condition is called misophonia -- literally "hatred of sound" -- and occurs when a common noise, whether it's something like a person chewing loudly, water dripping or someone "ahem"-ing, causes you to become anxious or angry, more so than a typical response, TODAY reported.

    Misophonia: When Annoying Noises Send You Into A Rage

  • "Everything I have turns into a boiling pot of rage, and then I have to talk myself down," Adah Siganoff, who suffers from misophonia, told TODAY.

    Misophonia: When Annoying Noises Send You Into A Rage

  • Moller, a neuroscientist at the University of Texas at Dallas who specializes in the auditory nervous system, included misophonia in the Textbook of

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  • "These people like sound, the louder the better," she said of misophonia patients.

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  • But sufferers of misophonia, a newly recognized condition that remains little studied and poorly understood, take the problem to a higher level.

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  • People with misophonia have an extreme reaction to certain sounds, often becoming enraged or anxious at the sound of chewing or someone clearing his throat, reports today's Science Times.

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  • "I don't think 8- or 9-year-olds choose to wake up one morning and say, 'Today my dad's chewing is going to drive me insane,' " said Marsha Johnson, an audiologist in Portland, Ore., who runs an online forum for people with misophonia.

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  • Phonophobia (fear of sound) or misophonia (dislike of sound), are excessive reactions to sounds with an emotional association - this sounds more like what you are suffering.



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  • Well there's the obvious: wikipedia entry.

    The MSM got hip around the time of this NYT piece I think.

    May 8, 2015

  • Misophonia is the hatred of certain sounds like chewing, smacking, coughing, sneezing, etc. It can

    lead to anxiety and avoidant behavior.

    November 4, 2012